By way of introduction - My name is Simon and I am a professional male life model aged in my forties based in SW London.

I am currently seeking a female life model in all areas of SW London, South-West London, SE London, South-East London, South London, North London, East London, West London, Central London and Surrey.

If you are unable to travel to London, then I do travel to other locations throughout the the UK and therefore I am also seeking a female life model in all areas of Bath Spa, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex.

I am currently seeking female life models preferably aged between circa 30 to 60 although some female life models featured within my galleries have been of a slightly younger circa 25 to 30 or an older age respectively up to circa 65 and either side of the 30 to 60 age band-with, so the age specification is not set or sculptured in stone.

I am seeking female life models for ongoing artistic, creative life modelling projects or for life modelling or photographic assignments so please contact me with your details and sample photographic images in complete confidence.

I am seeking female life models to pose with me to update my on-line portfolios and please note that if you wish, we can hide your facial identity if so desired thus preserving your anonymity and privacy.

You will see from some of the images within my respective life model galleries feature myself as a male life model posing with female life models who are posed facing away from camera shot and not showing their face in the images. 

I am more than happy to work with you if you are just able to pose clothed in some of the images, semi-nude or completely nude and then just showing your body / figure.

So in essence, if you would feel more comfortable posing with me without any of the photographs showing your face and facial identity, then this is absolutely fine to preserve your anonymity.

I am very professional in my approach and would always ask you to sign a model release form.

You can read about myself as a person and professional male life model if you peruse my About Me link

I always have and maintain total respect for all the female models with whom I work with and I am considered by the ladies to be very respectful, thoughtful, kind, friendly, totally approachable, charming, charismatic, conscientious and above all a consummate professional being a true gentleman at all times.

If I am seeking a female life model to pose with me in London to update my personal portfolios, then I would hire a studio in SW London and work with you as a female model alone or you are more than welcome to bring a female friend or chaperone to accompany you for moral support.

If you are based outside of Greater London or even if you do reside in London, then I could possibly visit you in your own personal home location / space where we could adapt to the surroundings to shoot the images if this arrangement is suitable or you are more than welcome to arrange another space local to yourself.

I have trained in photography and would bring my own camera for the shoot and set up the self-timer to take the photographs.

Professional photographers, artists and art tutors also request my own male life modelling services in conjunction with a female life model so it is always good for me to update my bank of female models from time to time.

As you will see from perusing my galleries, I have posed for life modelling with with ladies who have the "girl next door" look, slim petite ladies and I have modelled with or worked with ladies who have been just 5" tall, to medium sized ladies to taller women as well as plus-size busty ladies or women with large breasts.

I have always enjoyed working with female models who are very petite in size and height as well as mature ladies, but as you will see or derive from my website, I have posed or modelled with many different ladies of all ages, heights, shapes and sizes so I welcome all women who might be interested to apply or contact me expressing your interest...

I have worked with ladies from all walks of life with varying vocations and with no previous life modelling experience including ladies who have professional careers in the corporate sector, office jobs and indeed a variety of other varying vocational careers who have all enjoyed the chance to express themselves individually with life modelling.

In fact, the diversity of backgrounds and careers or ladies who contact me regarding life modelling work and their own personal reasons for doing so never ceases to amaze me.

I have also modelled with actresses, dancers, fitness trainers, personal trainers, pilates teachers and yoga teachers or women involved in other similar professions who have all been different heights, shapes and sizes.

Please do not be too put off by some of the more sensual and "risque" images within The Erotic Gallery if you have visited that link as I am NOT seeking a female life model to currently pose for such images and ONLY for more classical, art nude and even semi-nude / lingerie or fully-clothed images too.

I further assure you that I am NOT interested in the glamour genre or pornography whatsoever and I am ONLY interested in creating artistic, tasteful, stylish images.
We can talk on the phone or perhaps meet in person to discuss your own personal boundaries, comfort zones which will always be strictly observed with my professional etiquette at all times when we are posing together and you may even have your own artistic ideas for the poses that would interest you.

I am featured in some images posing sitting or standing apart with distance between myself or the female model and in some images I am featured posing in close proximity with more artistic intimacy with female life models.

It might be interesting to also re-create some iconic life model poses such as the Kiss sculpture by Rodin and other similar scenarios that would suit your own artistic, imaginative ideas and creative, personal boundaries.

Please visit my main life model website to peruse more details about myself as a professional male nude life model
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